Next steps

Whether you’ve been in church for 10 years or 10 minutes, we believe every single person has a next step to take. Below you’ll find more information about the 4 next steps we at Cornerstone center around.
Join A Team
Why Join A Serve Team?
We believe that every single person has a God given talent that they can use to minister to people in a way no one else can. At Cornerstone, we want to allow you the opportunity to get plugged in and start impacting lives today.
How Can I Join?
Joining is simple! All you have to do is click the link below to fill out a request to serve or talk to one of our team members at our next service!
Where Can I Serve?
We have numerous departments that you can join including first impressions, security, sound and media, music, Sunday school, and so much more!
Should I Do Anything First?
We strongly recommend completing Growth Track before you join a serve team. In Growth Track you will discover your talents and exactly what ministries will be best suited to expose those talents to people who need you.
Join A Group
Why Join A Small Group?
Life wasn’t meant to be done alone. From the very beginning of the Bible, we see God creating a community for life to be lived. Our groups are built for you to find people you connect with, growth with, laugh with, and cry with.
How Can I Join A Group?
Simply click the link below to fill out a form to join a group, or speak with someone at church who can help you join a group there.
What Kind Of Groups Do You Have?
We offer all kinds groups including men, women, marrieds, students, freedom, and financial.
Join Growth Track
Why Join Growth Track?
Growth Track was created to help you discover your God given purpose and to begin operating for that purpose.
How Can I Join Growth Track?
Growth Track takes place one month each quarter. Regardless of what week we are on, you can show up and complete each of the four lessons.
What Are The Steps of Growth Track?

STEP 1 :
In this lesson, you will learn what it really means to know God and how it is the foundation to all that we do.

STEP 2 :
In this lesson, you will learn about finding freedom and how it begins with connecting to those around you.

STEP 3 :
In this lesson, you will discover your personality type and ministry gifts that will help you impact people and their lives.

STEP 4 :
In this lesson, you will join a serve team where you will get the opportunity to make a difference in a multitude of lives.